Crochead invented a mosquito coil holder. Simple yet innovative Crochead’s mosquito coil holder makes your outdoor life comfortable. During the burning of mosquito coils, they can be laid down flat, stand upright, or be hung up off the ground without difficulty.
Their philosophy is to contribute to the local. Crochead’s products are 100% made in Australia, from materials to production.

Their coil holder has a design patent.

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Born out of Turin, Italy, in 2008, Mnmur designs a collection of bags, wallets, and accessories created from reused bike inner tubes. Committed to being sustainable and eco-friendly, all Mnmur products are made with vegan materials only. All the collection is made by hand in limited series, and each product is crafted with care in Italy.

  • Italy

  • Urban accessories made in Italy from upcycled bike tube


Oopsmark was born out of the idea that even bumps in the road are valuable experiences.

Working hands-on to offer a custom approach to your experience, all products are handmade in Montreal with the urban lifestyle in mind. Oopsmark’s leather is tanned using natural plant extracts instead of harsh chemicals, producing a vegetable tanned leather that is durable and looks better as it ages. The Oopsmark design philosophy is one of minimalism, environmental responsibility, and functionality.

  • Canada

  • Gear for people on the go. Handmade in Montreal, Canada.

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Closca presents a collection of glass bottles made in borosilicate glass, silicone-coated, which can be attached to your bag, backpack or bicycle; and elegant, comfortable, and foldable helmets for those who travel by bicycle or e-scooter.

  • Spain

  • Foldable helmets and water bottles


Karma is repurposing concrete and reimagining its role to create functional pieces of art that can live in your home with beauty and purpose.

With passion for design, over the years Karma has fine-tuned our craft with passion and dedication. Karma has evolved into a modern luxury concrete store, completely hand-crafted with love and made in sunny Florida, USA.

  • USA

  • The USA made handcrafted concrete items.

Original Products

Amber Ark

Amber Ark is our original brand for making ordinary life special.

Bike Safety Lab

We are keen on bicycle safety to enjoy riding with safe. We are seeking items to make bikes safe and enjoyable.

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